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SPECIAL PRICES for shuttle bus transfer from Cairns City locations to Cairns Airport ONLY
Prices are not per passenger, but total cost for number of passengers i.e. 4 passengers total cost $21.00.

1 passenger
2 passengers
3 passengers
4 passengers
5 passengers
6 passengers

This rate is ONLY available for online bookings and listed dates and times. If your required date and time of travel is not listed, it is not available on this rate. It is essential that you book and pay 60 minutes prior to the requested pickup time. Dates and times do change and updated daily.


NOTE PICKUP LOCATION must be chosen from the list of locations that appears once you start typing.
Should you not choose from the list, the total cost will NOT appear and you can NOT progress to payment page .

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  • NOTE in accordance with Queensland Government regulations food and/or drink is NOT PERMITTED in the vehicle;
  • NOTE payments received for booking requests deemed by Coral Sea Coaches as invalid will incur an administrative fee of AUD$2.00;
  • Bookings must be made at least 45 minutes prior to the requested pickup time;
  • Transfers on these rate are ONLY AVAILABLE at the listed times and dates;
  • Times and dates of travel can and will change as required;
  • The drop-off location on this rate is Cairns Airport ONLY;
  • Shuttle bus pickup time is when the shuttles starts collecting passengers.   The time the vehicle arrives at your location can and may vary by 15 to 30 minutes.  We reserve the right to vary times as required and without notice;
  • Stated rates are for seat-in-coach transfers, meaning there are multiple passengers and multiple stops;
  • Choose transfer times carefully, bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE and CANNOT be changed;
  • It is essential that you are at the pickup location ready to go at least 10 minutes prior to the pickup time;
  • Failure to be ready to depart at the scheduled pickup time will result in the vehicle leaving without you and the transfer is forfeited;
  • Arrival at Cairns Airport can range between 15 to 90 minutes, so when choosing the pickup time ensure you allow for sufficient travel time;
  • Should the vehicle be delayed and arrival at Cairns Airport is after your flight has closed we are not responsible for any financial or material losses which may be incurred.  Delay maybe due but not limited to accidents in which the vehicle is directly or not directly involved, delays caused by road closures, road works, weather, traffic and/or other passengers;
  • Luggage restrictions/limitations apply to bookings.  If you have excess and/or oversized luggage, additional fees will apply (luggage conditions and fees).  Failure to advise Coral Sea Coaches 48 hours prior to time of travel of additional items can result in the carriage of the said items being declined.  Oversized and excess luggage can include but not limited to babycots, prams, surfboards, fishing rods, golf bags and bike bags/boxes; and
  • Once you make and pay for a booking you will receive two emails, first one from PayPal is your receipt, the second and most important is the Booking Confirmation email, this will be issued within 12 hours.  NOTE this email is required to board the shuttle bus.  If Booking Confirmation email is not received within 12 hours, please email us and we will reissue, however ensure you also check in the junk/spam folder first.

  • For information about shuttle times refer to the Shuttle Timetable.